How To Parallel Turn In Skiing

Parallel turn in skiing takes place when both the skis slide parallel to each other. This is considered to be the master stroke for any ambitious skier. Up until parallel turn, snowploughing remains the most important part of skiing. With parallel turn, this equation flips. Let’s discover how to do it like a pro.

How to start?

When you start skiing, then your entire body should be evenly distributed on both the skis. At that point, when you enter into a turn, parallel turn obliges you to shift your whole weight on the outside ski. When you are exiting, bring the balance again in the primary position. Many over-enthusiast travel so faster that they lose steam even before the turn arrives.

Change edge

The middle stage of parallel turn is all about changing of edge.  Pull the whole body mass again on the outside ski and let the skis lean themselves towards the fall line. Keep pushing on the outside ski and allow your body to bend into the similar direction. Many ski-practicing arenas keep the edge-turning slope at 15-degree angle.

Finish gracefully

During the start of the “finishing stage”, you should still be pushing on the outside ski, but now start leveraging your body mass back on the center segment of your foot. At this point, let the skis glide through in a languishing pace. Cross the last slope at a steady speed. When you are ending it, do it on a poised note.

Avoid common mistakes

When you are changing the turn in the middle stage, don’t think for too long. This will, in turn, increase your speed automatically- thus leading to a loss of equilibrium. Be mentally prepared before the time comes to turn the edge. Additionally, the more your skis are far apart from each other, the harder it would become- to take turns in this mode of skiing.

It’s similar to riding a bike

There is a lot of similarity between parallel turning and figuring out- how to ride a bike. Both need your sense of speed, gravity, and weight. Do take it in mind that parallel turn is not for beginners.  Breeze through the first stage of skiing before attempting it. Once you ace the craft of parallel turn, all other skiing techniques will require it.

Parallel turn can be aced, in the event, you are passionate about skiing. Initially, you might confront some hiccups. But with time, your body will do the rest intuitively. So practice with focus and consistency.

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